Monday, March 1, 2010

Let me introduce the original Sophie & Jack...

Yes, "Sophie & Jack Designs" is named after our two beautiful children.

This is our gorgeous girl - Sophie...

She is sensitive and sweet - a real thinker. Very bright and intelligent, she can be quite an introvert outside of the house. However, get her in the comfort of her own home and most people wouldn't recognise her! She is outgoing, loud and a little crazy!

She is also a very compliant child (most of the time!), always willing to please and gain our approval. Though, she is a real worrier and keeps things inside - just like her father!

And here is our handsome little man - Jack...

This little one is a real character - he loves being the centre of attention when he is around people he knows. I just have to catch his eye and he laughs hysterically at me. Who knew I could be so funny?

But then he is incredibly shy when around people he doesn't know. He will cry at the drop of a hat and buries his face in my lap, trying to scale his way up into my arms. He also has an extreme stubborn streak in him. If things are not going his way there can be screaming, throwing himself on the floor and tears - lots of them. Hmm, I can't possible think where the stubborn trait came from?!

So there you have it... these two are my inspiration behind creating Sophie & Jack Designs.


  1. Two very gorgeous little kiddies. You must so very proud. Lots of inspiration. Thank you for sharing them with us.xx

  2. Gorgeous, love the hairclips, you are very talented and your children gorgeous, lovely ages too. Good luck with your blog, im sure it will be a winner.

    Pop over to mine, im having a giveaway at the moment, you may be interested in.

    Im off to follow you on facebook too now and have a read and chat. Have a lovely afternoon.

    I Just Love That Fabric

  3. Nice : ) Tks for popping by our blog.

  4. Aw thanks for the lovely comments girls! It's so lovely to have people leave replies!!

    Susie, I beat you to it, I've alrady joined! So glad I found your blog. Fingers crossed for your gorgeous prize draw.

  5. Adorable kids! They are so cute! I want to share with you and your beautiful kids my new blog.

    Take a look and have lots of fun!

    Jimena Pinto-Kroujiline


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