Sunday, July 18, 2010

We have a new look...

That's right - all brand spanking new and shiny! Sophie & Jack has had a makeover and we are in love.

The ever-lovely and amazingly talented Tamara of Tamara Sirl Designs has outdone herself once again in designing our beautiful logo, header banner, clip cards and animated banner (over there on the right ---->). If you are not a fan, then seriously, do yourself a favour and become a 'liker' of her facebook page. She is currently fully booked out, but it is a joy just to sit back and watch her work her magic for all these lucky small businesses like us.
As if working with Tamara wasn't fabulous enough, we were then honoured to have our new business cards designed by the wonderful Maddie of Design By Me. Maddie worked with our logo and created the most beautiful business cards I have ever seen. I honestly can't believe they are for my little humble business as I hand them out to my poor, but always willing, friends and family.
So there you go.... I am extremely excited and proud to present my little show and tell to you all. I am also incredibly grateful to these wonderful two women for sharing their incredible talents with me - thank you!

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